• Our team

    Elite Developers is focused on development of residential, commercial and plotted real estate. Our team consists of professionals with a contagious passion for premium quality, design, innovation, environment and standards.

  • Four decades

    The construction pedigree of Elite Developers dates back four decades with the inception of Vijaya Constructions. Vijaya Constructions was a pioneer class-A contracting firm that played a pivotal role in the social infrastructure development of Kerala, instrumental in changing the dynamics of economics & social development of the state.

  • Landmark projects

    Landmark projects in Thrissur such as the Puzhakkal bridge, Bini Tourist Home, Sea wall construction at Chavakad, Chamakkala & Vadanappaly, Sree Narayana College at Nattika, old Income Tax building at Padinjare Kotta, Model Girls High School are but a few of the legacies, that today stand tall as a testament to their quality & workmanship. In 1990’s Elite pioneered in bringing the concept of plotted development through projects such as Elite Gardenia, Elite Enclave and Elite Knowledge Village.

  • Today

    Today, standing tall on the shoulders of this legacy and with a vision for uncompromising Quality,Design, Sustainable Development practices and Commitment to Ecological Conservation the group embarks on a new innings in infrastructure & real estate development with the launch of Elite Developers.

  • We will enhance the ecology of all our project locations through plantation of more trees and environment friendly landscaping.
  • We will protect the local flora and fauna.
  • We will promote and use of green building practices in building design, construction materials etc.
  • We will reduce our carbon footprint through promotion and use of energy efficient lighting & alternative fuel vehicles.
  • We will augment our energy requirements through real energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro etc.
  • We will make all our projects Vastu compliant.
  • We will work towards inclusive growth of all our stakeholders
Elite Developers aims to be the most premier Infrastructure & Real estate developer with superior quality standards, design, sustainable practices & professionalism, which will reflect in our people, projects, processes and systems.
  • To be the industry champion in employing modern and proven techniques, material and management systems, and to maintain sustainable development in every area.
  • To efficiently and effectively manage the company's resources, enabling timely realisation of projects conforming to every quality standard prescribed.
  • To establish an excellent information management system and communication link among all stakeholders.
  • To provide best in class solutions to clients through assessment of their needs and demands.
  • To conform to every valid standard within the context of project at the maximum level.
  • To conform to the country’s all legal laws and ethical rules.
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