Apartments vs. Villas – Which one should you Buy?

There is a great feeling of euphoria and exhilaration once you decide to buy a home of your own; but then the questions start to seep in, should you buy an apartment, a villa or even a villament as there are so many choices out there! However, with the current trends in home-buying, it all boils down to apartments and villas. The cost factor aside, deciding on the better option becomes a big question. Here are some points to get you through the confusion.


If you are newly moved into the city, it’s better to buy an apartment as you will make more friends. Your kids will also have more company as there are bound to be more people in similar age brackets. And in case you or your spouse travels a lot, then apartments are ideal as there is a greater margin of safety living in numbers than alone. You also don’t have to worry about water, electricity or gas here as these are taken care of. Numerous recreational activities available keep you occupied and fit.

However, on the downside, apartments have limited space and are prone to sound seepage from neighbours on all sides. Aside from lack of privacy, inability to keep pets, you can’t make any changes or expansion to your home’s structure either. And then there are the monthly maintenance charges for the common facilities.


A villa home is a symbol of prestige, an unspoken declaration of your standing in society. Along with the villa, you get to own the plot of land on which it stands, thereby increasing the value of your home. You can also modify or add to the structure of the house as your family grows or if you want to earn additional income through rent. Having a garden to potter around in as well as space for pets is a big bonus that comes with villa homes. A morning cup of coffee enjoyed on your front porch in tune to birdsong from your garden is a much sought-after blessing. And long with this privacy, you get greater freedom as well as enjoy the amenities that come with the villa complex.

There are few downsides to buying a villa including limited flexibility in designing the front of your home or the size of the garden as well as being responsible for your own utility bills and power back-ups.

In the end, the choice of a home depends on the homebuyers unique needs.

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