Poomala Dam

The hustle-and-bustle of city life can begin to get weary after a while for most city dwellers. For those living in the beautiful culturally-rich city of Thrissur however, succour is at hand as located not too far away from the city is the Poomala dam. This scenic dam is located less than 15km away from the city amid verdant green forests on a popular hill station.

The best part of Poomala dam is that it isn’t too crowded and provides the perfect peaceful weekend getaway for those living in Thrissur or visiting Thrissur. From on top of the hill, you can catch breath-taking glimpses of Thrissur city spread out below, open to a bird’s eye view.

It was in 1939 that a dividing weir was built in the Poomala valley and in 1968, it was commissioned as the Poomala reservoir. The dam so created is comparatively small and is mainly used for irrigation purposes aside from tourism. It is located in Mulankunnathukavu Panchayat area under Thrissur district in Kerala.

The Poomala dam is among the oldest dams and is constructed of mud and stones. It is situated about 94.50 meters above mean sea level. In 2010, it was formally designated as a tourism centre and can be easily accessed, both by bus as well as private vehicles. Just about 7km out of Thrissur is Tirur town from where you turn towards the scenic Poomala hills. The name Poomala is believed to have been derived from the ‘Poovam’ tree; old-timers claim that the hill was inundated with the Poovam trees a long time ago.

With Kerala being home to numerous rivers, there is another dam located towards Poomala dam’s northern side known as the Pathazhakundu dam which is also primarily used for irrigation purposes only. Thrissur is known for its agriculture practices, especially rice cultivation, and irrigation is an important need for the farmers here.

The 600m long scenic walkway along the dam comes with safe hand-railing. It also offers boat rides along its peaceful blue waters with the sun glimmering off its dappled surface while the giant green surrounding vegetation stands guard along its sides like sentinels of old. The peaceful ambience of this locality is truly reviving for the soul, just like it’s a gentle cool breeze blowing away all your mundane problems for the day.

There is also a park, cafeteria as well as toilet facilities nearby along with a community hall that can seat about 300 people. And don’t miss out on the small waterfall nearby either. All in all, a great rejuvenating spot for residents of Thrissur to unwind in.

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