Reasons why Investors are Glued on Investing in Thrissur

Thrissur is famous as the cultural capital of Kerala. The land of Thrissur Pooram and the Pulikali, Thrissur is a favourite destination for people across the world. And that is not all.

It is to Shaktan Thampuran that Thrissur owes its present-day glory. Hailed as the architect of modern Thrissur, he is said to have invited people from far and wide to come and set up business in Thrissur. They traded in textiles, finance, and gold jewellery.  Today, Thrissur has emerged as one of the most popular business centres in Kerala and the people are noted for their business acumen.

Thrissur has also been a seat of education since ancient times. Sanskrit, Vedic science, and various art forms flourished in the region during the ancient times. These are taught even now, though in small pockets. Thrissur plays host to the Kerala Agricultural University, The Government Engineering College, The Government Medical College, Government Law College, Ayurveda College, Government Fine Arts College and other colleges giving regular graduate courses.  However, what makes Thrissur the hotbed for education is the various ‘entrance examination coaching centres’ where thousands of students take part in intensive preparation for the competitive exams into medical and engineering streams.

Here are some more reasons for investing in Thrissur:

Positive cash flow

With Thrissur being a flourishing commercial hub, there is always a growing need for homes for renting. This means that if you invest in real estate in Thrissur, you can rest assured of continuous cash flow as rent.


Keeping your money deposited in banks is only going to get you fixed standard amounts of profits. However, investing the same amount in real estate gets you many better-assured returns, especially if you happen to invest in happening cities like Thrissur where growth and expansion is the norm.


Also known as return on investment, any right-thinking investor would want to keep his money where he is assured of higher returns. Thrissur, with its steadily growing economy, will definitely give you higher ROI on a property in the years to come. And the longer you hold on, the higher the ROI.

Tax benefits

Investing in real estate helps you save on a number of taxes in the form of – interest paid on your property loan, building depreciation, property insurance, the fee of the insurance agent, maintenance and repair charges for your property, etc.

Long-term wealth

Investing in real estate in Thrissur makes a long-term wealth investment plan that will give you peace of mind as it’s a great asset that’s only multiplying in value with every passing year. Selling a property here is also easier as there is a non-stop demand for properties.

Pride of ownership

Instead of spending lakhs on renting over the years, it makes more space to own a property. And when it’s in a happening city like Thrissur, there is an added element of pride of ownership!

There is no dearth in the different types of properties available in Thrissur, come to have a close-up look and get hooked to this dynamic city!

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