Essential facility requirements for every residential project in 2020.

No doubt buying a home is one of the most important goals of an individual. We should be careful enough to include our requirements and preferences. The primary points to be noted for a pleasant living are comfortable Place, basic facilities, Social needs, connectivity, etc. The important facilities to be included for a comfortable living in 2020 are

Safety and security facilities

Safety means in all aspects safety must be the first, from the quality of materials used in building to the safety of individuals leaving in that home such as fire fighting system in each construction to assist in case of an emergency. Whereas a high-end modern security system is also required nowadays.

Parking facilities

Although most of the flats offer at least one parking spot per flat, you should also check for the further parking area for a future second vehicle or in such cases like a family get-together, etc there should be facilities to park vehicles of your guests. Moreover, most vehicle owners prefer covered parking levels for better vehicle protection.

Enough relaxing or breathing space

It’s always better to find some flats which include terraces in the living room and if possible in the master bedroom too. Thus allowing an airy atmosphere and sun-bathing chances for a better healthy lifestyle.

Power backup

Power back up is an important need for a comfortable time nowadays. Already everybody is busy with their jobs; a power shutdown can waste a lot of time in today’s busy life. It’s better to buy a flat with solar-system water in washrooms. At the same time availability of generators in occasional power-cuts

Focused area for kids and seniors citizens
The senior citizens will be spending more time relaxing, so it’s required to have a park where they can spend more time. Kids should also have a park to themselves, better with soft play areas specifically designed for them. Elite luxury apartments, villas, and flats offer these specifications up to an extent. They always try to give more importance to their client’s suggestion thus making their properties a blessed place for their clients. Thrissur’s potential in the Real estate Market has been grown rapidly, because of better returns and massive development of residential properties with better facilities. Elite has developed its position in real estate sectors and best-known builders in Thrissur and Trivandrum. They have created unique designs for their properties within affordable pricing.

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