Creating a better eco-friendly lifestyle.

To make your living space more environmentally sustainable, there are some measures to be adopted and some to be changed. Of course, everyone will be a little confused about where to start? Right? Whether you are living in a home or a villa or in a flat, there are many easy and economical ideas to make your living eco-friendly. So, read on to know more.

Usage of LED lights

The advantage of LED lights is that it only uses 25% of energy when compared to incandescent lamps and led lights last 25% longer than ordinary bulbs. Even though LED lights are more expensive that ordinary bulbs, in the long run its more economical.

Use natural light source

People often have a practice of leaving the lights on all throughout the day even though there are sources for natural light. One should be self-aware of this and should cultivate a habit to control usage of electricity as this increases your carbon footprint. As we all know energy consumption bills will also increase at the same time, thus emptying your pockets in addition to wasting precious energy. Just opening your windows, using light colors for your walls, etc will improve the lighting within homes and help you move towards a greener and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Avoid plastic bags, bottles, packets, etc.

This needs no explanation as we all know the negative impacts of one time uses plastic for our environment. However, we still tend to use plastic covers, bottles, packets, etc. We are already late in avoiding use of one time use plastics, buts its better now than never for ensuring a greener world for tomorrow’s generation. Avoid usage of plastics, start using reusable cloth or paper bags, packets, glass or steel bottles, etc.

Space for an organic garden

You might be thinking, how these fruits in the market been so fresh even after days? Right? Have you ever thought about the chemicals and pesticides used in these vegetables and fruits all throughout the days to markets? You may not be able to cultivate all needed vegetables and fruits but you can cultivate the essential ones. Create a small area for planting an organic garden. Make your mind and body healthier and you will also have more savings.

Avoid wastage of water.

One of the best eco-friendly practices to adopt in your lifestyle is to save as much water as possible. There is no resource as precious as air and water and it is our responsibility to adopt a lifestyle that preserve this for future generations. Adopt better water management in such areas like limiting the usage of water while showering, cooking, cleaning your home, kitchen, etc. Using eco friendly water faucets of good quality and design will help one control the usage by optimizing the water flow and also avoid loss of water due to leaks.

Upgrading old electronics & white goods.

Everything has a lifetime. Just like old cars, old electronics also loose their power efficiency. This leads to excessive consumption of energy as well as emit greenhouse gases which deplete our atmosphere. These equipments also increase your energy bills as well as maintenance cost. Hence, check your home for such equipment and upgrade them.

Switch on the Sun in your life.

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most efficient sources of energy. Unlike earlier times, solar power plants have become affordable and it is a good way to reduce your energy footprint. Adopting, solar water heaters are also and efficient way to make your lifestyle greener.

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