South India – A chosen real estate destination.

The real estate aspects of India are growing faster than before. Even though there were changes in different policy levels in India, such as GST, demonetization, etc up to a great extent south India was not too much affected because of certain qualities of south Indian locations. As time travels ahead smarter real estate developments were born again thus creating a new face for the future scope in real estate for South India. Along with the implementation of new strategies and approaches in real estate, there were some factors made states in south India like Kerala, Chennai, Bengaluru a chosen location for real estate. Let’s go through them right now:

Better Infrastructure: As south India becomes a concentrated area for different companies like IT sectors, production units, etc better public infrastructures, better technology updations, transportation facilities, etc start involving. For example, the Cochin metro enables people to have faster transportation even there is a huge rush of traffic. So better living style, comfort, and technologies made south India a blessed location for real estate

Different start-up Hubs: As the government in states like Kerala are too supporting for new start-ups, south India starts growing faster than others and we can now see that different business branches of the USA, UK, etc are already working here. Thus different cultures, better living styles start growing here. Right now, it’s to be recorded that south India is one of the main hubs for IT industries.

Retail growth: As I just mentioned above different types of lifestyles are growing as people from different locations started shifting to south India. To satisfy these international peoples and their lifestyles more international and premium Indian brands are available now easily from shopping malls, etc. This dramatically increases the retail growths.

Social infrastructure: South India is always ahead in terms of health and education. We know that states like Kerala are top states in the list of quality education and health sector. Moreover updated technologies are firstly implemented in south India in the base of health sectors and we can see that most of the hospitals include premium health care facilities for their clients. As per the latest reports, Kerala is the 1st state in literacy rate with 94% of rating. So a better education rate can directly and indirectly leads to a better real estate probability of the state.

Rising demand from NRI’s: As I said south India is delivering better quality in every sector whether it’s health care, education, different facilities like transportation, etc more and more NRIs start investing their share here because south India is one the location where their investments are safe. In Kerala itself, there are a lot of NRI investments in real estate sectors.

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