Modular Kitchen Designs

Now a day’s modular kitchen designs are considered by Indians due to the changes in lifestyle. Design your kitchen perfectly because the kitchen is not only the place to cook but also to gather people to complement each other. So build your kitchen with beautiful walls, drawers, interiors with awesome coloring.
Here are some modular kitchen designs,
L-Shaped Layout

The L-Shaped modular kitchen layout is found commonly because it gives an awesome look and more space. For smaller kitchens, the L shaped layout is more perfect to save the space. The L shaped kitchen space can be divided and utilized for cooking and washing. It gives maximum storage space to keep the accessories to the kitchen and also gives the space to place a dining table. The advantage of this L shaped kitchen is more than two people can work at the same time.
Straight Layout

The straight modular kitchen layout gives more space to the kitchen and can be useful for smaller homes. Is a single-walled layout with storage space above and below. Also provides easy access to kitchen appliances.
U-Shaped Layout

U shaped kitchen layout is done in a place where there is more kitchen space. This layout needs more space and can occupy more things in storage. This type of kitchen space will be preferred by the big family or having spacious kitchens. Can also include a dining table at the center of the kitchen to give a more elegant look.
G-Shaped Layout

The G-shaped kitchen layout is also known as Peninsula kitchen. This type of kitchen will have a workspace or entertainment area like a secondary counter. It is useful for small-sized kitchens. This kitchen area can act as a permanent dining space.
Galley Layout

The name of the galley kitchen layout is also called a parallel shaped kitchen. A parallel kitchen is best for less space kitchen layout. The specialty of this shaped kitchen is the empty central floor space to walk. This parallel type of kitchen is used for most homes because it is easily adaptable to your needs.
Island Layout

Many people are interested in the island kitchen because it looks more beautiful and spacious. The main advantage of this type of kitchen layout is it provides different space for cooking area as well as washing. The cooking and storage area is separated, so you can consume more things. It gives a more elegant look by having a breakfast table at the center and also used for cooking.
This article is based on different types of modular kitchen layouts. Have a look through this article and contact ELITE DEVELOPERS experts or go through our website to learn more about us!

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