Kitchen Layouts.

The kitchen is an important part of every home. A kitchen is created according to the space, budget, and many other requirements of the owner. In the blog just before, we have discussed briefly about modular kitchen and this blog is a continuation of that. Here, we are going to explain different layouts of the kitchen and going to give you a clear idea about which layout suits your home. Some of the layouts are

• Straight-line kitchen
• Gallery kitchen
• U shaped kitchen
• L shaded kitchen
• Peninsular Kitchen
• Island Kitchen

Straight-line kitchen
Straight-line kitchens mainly suit narrow spaces. This type of layout mainly provides a working area against one wall. The advantage of using this layout is cost-effective and appears sleek. Talking about its drawback, it doesn’t provide proper working space and storing space.

Gallery kitchen
Comparing with a straight line kitchen, the galley kitchen has a work platform on either side, this keeps the layout to do the task with fewer movements providing a better work efficiency but feels crowded due to narrow cabinet spaces.

U shaped kitchen
This layout is comfortable for an outsized space. This design is placed in between three walls resulting in a U-shaped design. When comparing to a gallery kitchen, u shaped kitchen gives you plenty of labour and storing space. The place won’t feel as crowded as it has enough space in between but the movements for completing a task will be more and tiring.

L Shaped Kitchen
We can see this type of layout mainly in contemporary kitchens in India. As per the name itself, this layout falls along two perpendicular walls. This shape gives you a lot of design flexibility, better task completion and performs a perfect kitchen triangle.

Peninsular Kitchen
Efficient for open kitchen designs and outsized space. One of the features of this layout is that it has an independent counter that can be used for having small foods. This layout forms a perfect separation between the kitchen and living room.

Island Kitchen
This layout needs a huge amount of space because there is a counter in the center of the layout which suits families that spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The counter placed in the centre of the layout can be used for dining and also for chopping vegetables etc.

Even though every sector is growing faster in terms of designs, constructions, etc up to an extent basic layouts keep the same such as the kitchen layouts just explained above. We have to be always updated with our surroundings, in the field of construction and development Elite Developers can give you updated information. Elite developers is one of the top developers in Kerala with years of experience and successfully completed projects including villas, apartments, etc.

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