Getting inside the room, the lights turn on automatically, Wow, Right?. A thief trying to break the door, the alarm starts sounding, Great, Right?. We all dream such a smart home that is going to make our time, effort and comfort better. Moreover living in such smart homes brings more securities and luxury. There are a lot of innovations taking place right now in the field of home automation. We can customize our home according to our own wishes and requirements thus making our quality of living better. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the smart home applications that are already implemented successfully.

Control of door from anywhere: This feature comes under security system which provides options to open and close the home door while you are in the room, or while you are in a journey. You can view the person in front of the door and you can unlock the door if needed. Also, there are facilities to unlock the door with the passcode provided by you if necessary.

Energy conservation system: This feature works based on temperature control. Think you are entering your home after a long hot drive and your home is already maintained cooled for your comfort. This will be great, correct? this feature is provided by a smart programmable thermostat and you can save energy and money by avoiding your air conditioning system working for a long time even you don’t need it, You can on or off or activate automatic mode according to the temperature of the room from anywhere outside and inside your home.

Better safety measures: Even whether it’s a smart home or not, we all give more importance to safety and security. With the help of smart home features, we can remain safe from gas and fire leakages. Special detectors and sensors are implemented to give secured protection against such problems.

Smart lighting system: Smart lighting system can automatically on and off the lightning systems as per requirements and moreover you can control the lighting of the rooms, halls, etc within anywhere in your home or outside. This can save the home’s energy consumption and your money smartly. This feature thus provides an option for switching off or on any devices that you have forgotten.

Home surveillance: You can now easily monitor all activities going inside and outside of your home and always cab have an eye on the doors of your homes. Using the latest technologies HD recording is capable thus smart monitoring is effective right now.

These are some of the features included in a smart home. Smart homes are always demanding in India. If you are looking for smart living places, Elite developers will be one of the best choices you can get in Kerala because they have always giving priorities to the latest trends and quality. Please go through the website to know more about Elite developers.

Creating a better eco-friendly lifestyle.

To make your living space more environmentally sustainable, there are some measures to be adopted and some to be changed. Of course, everyone will be a little confused about where to start? Right? Whether you are living in a home or a villa or in a flat, there are many easy and economical ideas to make your living eco-friendly. So, read on to know more.

Usage of LED lights

The advantage of LED lights is that it only uses 25% of energy when compared to incandescent lamps and led lights last 25% longer than ordinary bulbs. Even though LED lights are more expensive that ordinary bulbs, in the long run its more economical.

Use natural light source

People often have a practice of leaving the lights on all throughout the day even though there are sources for natural light. One should be self-aware of this and should cultivate a habit to control usage of electricity as this increases your carbon footprint. As we all know energy consumption bills will also increase at the same time, thus emptying your pockets in addition to wasting precious energy. Just opening your windows, using light colors for your walls, etc will improve the lighting within homes and help you move towards a greener and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Avoid plastic bags, bottles, packets, etc.

This needs no explanation as we all know the negative impacts of one time uses plastic for our environment. However, we still tend to use plastic covers, bottles, packets, etc. We are already late in avoiding use of one time use plastics, buts its better now than never for ensuring a greener world for tomorrow’s generation. Avoid usage of plastics, start using reusable cloth or paper bags, packets, glass or steel bottles, etc.

Space for an organic garden

You might be thinking, how these fruits in the market been so fresh even after days? Right? Have you ever thought about the chemicals and pesticides used in these vegetables and fruits all throughout the days to markets? You may not be able to cultivate all needed vegetables and fruits but you can cultivate the essential ones. Create a small area for planting an organic garden. Make your mind and body healthier and you will also have more savings.

Avoid wastage of water.

One of the best eco-friendly practices to adopt in your lifestyle is to save as much water as possible. There is no resource as precious as air and water and it is our responsibility to adopt a lifestyle that preserve this for future generations. Adopt better water management in such areas like limiting the usage of water while showering, cooking, cleaning your home, kitchen, etc. Using eco friendly water faucets of good quality and design will help one control the usage by optimizing the water flow and also avoid loss of water due to leaks.

Upgrading old electronics & white goods.

Everything has a lifetime. Just like old cars, old electronics also loose their power efficiency. This leads to excessive consumption of energy as well as emit greenhouse gases which deplete our atmosphere. These equipments also increase your energy bills as well as maintenance cost. Hence, check your home for such equipment and upgrade them.

Switch on the Sun in your life.

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most efficient sources of energy. Unlike earlier times, solar power plants have become affordable and it is a good way to reduce your energy footprint. Adopting, solar water heaters are also and efficient way to make your lifestyle greener.

Hidden expenses while renovating your building.

Renovating your home or any building is a big frustrating task because it needs attention more than building a new home. A single mistake can lead to heavy expenses, more time consuming and may need a new plan to execute. Plus, reconstruction can go from cost-effective to cost-prohibitive sometimes while finding out the hidden problems. If you don’t listen to the hidden costs that come with extensive home renovations, you will be surely facing financial problems during the renovation. Listed below are some of the main hidden expenses you may go through.

Building “up to code”

Building codes were formerly created to protect public health and safety, according to the National Association of Home Builders, but presently they are using codes to execute policies such as energy efficiency and sustainability. If you are intending to renew an old home you need to do a considerable amount of modifications to bring it up to new building standards. This means additional costs and expenses are formed which are not in your initial project budget, so it’s always better to have a look at this side before starting the renovation.

Changing mind and plan

There are chances in some individuals to take new updations or designs were already work has started. This is the case of some individuals who makes decisions at the last minute. On such occasions, time and money are spent again on the new plan. While once you’ve begun actual work, attaching to your plan is important because as I said it’s that much complicated to make changes once the work has actually started.

Inaccurate builder estimation and budgeting

Builders always may not estimate correctly. Budget may be wrong due to the wrong estimation or due to more profit thoughts of the builder. So this is our responsibility to check and examine their work. Renovation charges can easily be manipulated by the contractor if he willing to make more profit from this project.

Finding temporary stay and outside food

Some renovations projects are small, and don’t want you to leave the house such as you can stay somewhere in your home even though it’s congested. But if you are planning for a complete renovation of your space, you may find some other places for stays such as rent a home or something else where in major cases cooking will be a big task because of lack of food materials and types of equipment. Another possibility is that if you are remodeling your kitchen, you need to find another source for cooking or need to depend on outside food

Hidden problems

Renovation can sometimes bring out the hidden problems that you never even knew existed for example faulty wiring, plumbing, etc. actually these are a common fact that needs to be expected while renovating. So it’s always better to be prepared mentally and financially to overcome such issues faster.

Choose your builder wisely

So choosing your builder is the important task to be successfully completed. Elite developers one of the best builders in Thrissur and Trivandrum. They have already created beautiful apartments and villas. Their ready to buy apartments and flats are high in demand due to quality and affordability.

Essential facility requirements for every residential project in 2020.

No doubt buying a home is one of the most important goals of an individual. We should be careful enough to include our requirements and preferences. The primary points to be noted for a pleasant living are comfortable Place, basic facilities, Social needs, connectivity, etc. The important facilities to be included for a comfortable living in 2020 are

Safety and security facilities

Safety means in all aspects safety must be the first, from the quality of materials used in building to the safety of individuals leaving in that home such as fire fighting system in each construction to assist in case of an emergency. Whereas a high-end modern security system is also required nowadays.

Parking facilities

Although most of the flats offer at least one parking spot per flat, you should also check for the further parking area for a future second vehicle or in such cases like a family get-together, etc there should be facilities to park vehicles of your guests. Moreover, most vehicle owners prefer covered parking levels for better vehicle protection.

Enough relaxing or breathing space

It’s always better to find some flats which include terraces in the living room and if possible in the master bedroom too. Thus allowing an airy atmosphere and sun-bathing chances for a better healthy lifestyle.

Power backup

Power back up is an important need for a comfortable time nowadays. Already everybody is busy with their jobs; a power shutdown can waste a lot of time in today’s busy life. It’s better to buy a flat with solar-system water in washrooms. At the same time availability of generators in occasional power-cuts

Focused area for kids and seniors citizens
The senior citizens will be spending more time relaxing, so it’s required to have a park where they can spend more time. Kids should also have a park to themselves, better with soft play areas specifically designed for them. Elite luxury apartments, villas, and flats offer these specifications up to an extent. They always try to give more importance to their client’s suggestion thus making their properties a blessed place for their clients. Thrissur’s potential in the Real estate Market has been grown rapidly, because of better returns and massive development of residential properties with better facilities. Elite has developed its position in real estate sectors and best-known builders in Thrissur and Trivandrum. They have created unique designs for their properties within affordable pricing.

Approaches to Build a Smart Home for Modern Homeowners

Today nearly every aspect of our life is managed by different kinds of technology and building a smart home is the next step towards a life of ultimate luxury and comfort. The major advantages of a complete home automation system include convenience, control, and cost – all of which are essential for a homeowner of the 21st century. From thoughtfully designed smart locks to tech-savvy air purifiers, here’s a helpful guide to home automation that you can use to ask the power of smart technology in your home.

Smart locks:

Your safety always appears first and so features like auto-lock, remote access, and voice-activation make smart locks an essential addition to innovative smart home ideas for the digital age.

Air Purifier

Being in a busy city comes with its share of corruption and dust particles even within your home. Investing in a state-of-the-art air purifying system that automatically detects and cleans up to 99% of pollutants up to 0.03 microns indoors. Breathe fresh air in every nook of your home.

Video doorbells

Security gets a whole new look with built-in technology that continually holds your loved ones safe. Active electronic doorbells come with two-way audio, 1080p real-time footage, and action detected mobile alerts to give you most control and monitoring at home.

Smart speakers

Ever since Amazon’s brainchild Echo gained its way to people’s lives as the alluring Alexa, virtual voice-controlled assistant devices have taken over the world with more than 50,000 voice commands that make life hassle-free, every day. Connecting to multiple smart home devices for supreme comfort and convenience has never felt this effortless

We live in a fast-paced world where time is of the essence and spending in smart home automation schemes will give you the luxury of time, right at your doorstep and fingertips.

Unique Experiences that People Living in Villas Can only Have

What could be the final wish of people living in big cities? Surely space. The luxury of space is the ultimate that you can feel in only luxury villas.


It’s always adjust when it comes to living in a big city. You are always providing more in less and sometimes avoiding things due to shortage of space. You have also put off asking your dear friend or relative due to a lack of space.

However, here in the villa, you have a ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and a terrace. You have a great space to wander around and welcome your relatives or friends.


Children are just around the corner; hence you begin a habit of speaking in low or not talking at all. You are sometimes not able to manage your anger and your fight loses out of the room in front of your children and relative etc. You feel so ashamed! However, you cannot live in a state of turmoil and it just breaks.

It happens with all of us. Living in a villa provides you enough privacy to handle your lives. The children can also experience the freedom to play in their house.

Space for everything:

You have always needed separate rooms for your kids; a small office for yourself and a playroom and what not… You picked it right. You can have a separate room for all. You can play indoor games with your children. Play with your favourite dog on the lawn. Staying in a villa provides you the luxury to have it all.

The stairs

Stairs have their magic and make a special impact on your interior. You have long ignored the stairs… sitting on its steps, enjoying some great time around. Stairs had almost been neglected or we can say is wiped out in the modern design. However, you can enjoy the stairs and trim around it to bring in the magic into your interior.

Can keep pets

Not that you have not been capable to keep pets earlier, but you had no separate area for them. Now you can make a small kennel for your pet dog or a bird tree cage for your pet birds.

Enjoy gardening

You have always liked gardening but had to be content with potted plants. Now you can explore your gardening and go for kitchen gardening, terrace/lawn gardening, and improve whatever you like.

What Differentiates Conventional Apartments from Luxury Apartments?

There is no doubt about the fact that everyone would love to live in luxury apartments as compared to a conventional apartment. But when it comes to buying one, you need to be careful you don’t get taken for a ride as some unscrupulous builders out there can find it easy to sell you a conventional apartment for the price of a luxury apartment.

So how do you prevent yourself from goofing up? Here is a simple guideline on the salient differences between the two types of apartments:

Location and neighbourhood

Luxury apartments are usually found in upscale neighbourhoods that attract the refined members of society. Regular apartments, on the other hand, are located in newly-formed neighbourhoods. And the construction of these apartments is usually followed by the development of neighbouring infrastructure and facilities.

Investment value

Luxury apartments in upscale neighbourhoods are great assets that attract higher rentals as well as property values. Regular mid-segment apartments, on the other hand, offer steady pricing with consistent rental incomes. They are an affordable attractive option.

Cost value

Luxury apartments come with a price tag that runs into crores while regular, conventional apartments come in the range of 40-90 lakhs. The cost of both apartment types is dependent on their location and amenities.


Don’t let a builder fool you into thinking that a luxury apartment is anything less than 1800 sq ft or less than a 3 or 4 BHK – they also come with large kitchens with attached quarters for the maid, as well as defined party spaces. Conventional apartment areas range anything between 700-1200 sq ft.

Floor-to-ceiling height

In a luxury apartment, you will find large spaces with at least 12 feet floor-to-ceiling heights. Anything less and it will lose its luxury tag. Conventional homes come with a floor-to-ceiling height of 10 feet.


With luxury apartments, you are spoilt for choice with the range of amenities that could include roof-top pools, helipads, Juliet balconies, canopied walkways, etc. Top of the line fittings here keep you living life king-size. Conventional apartments on the other hand offer standard amenities which include swimming pools, gyms and power back-up.


Luxury apartments come with home automation and a multi-layered security system that ensure a stress-free life for its residents. Some builders even go to the extent of providing safe rooms and natural disaster bunkers for its residents. Conventional apartments offer basic security with 24×7 guards and electronic card access.

While the demand for both types of homes is growing, hopefully, this guide will help you better differentiate between the two types now!

Reasons why Investors are Glued on Investing in Thrissur

Thrissur is famous as the cultural capital of Kerala. The land of Thrissur Pooram and the Pulikali, Thrissur is a favourite destination for people across the world. And that is not all.

It is to Shaktan Thampuran that Thrissur owes its present-day glory. Hailed as the architect of modern Thrissur, he is said to have invited people from far and wide to come and set up business in Thrissur. They traded in textiles, finance, and gold jewellery.  Today, Thrissur has emerged as one of the most popular business centres in Kerala and the people are noted for their business acumen.

Thrissur has also been a seat of education since ancient times. Sanskrit, Vedic science, and various art forms flourished in the region during the ancient times. These are taught even now, though in small pockets. Thrissur plays host to the Kerala Agricultural University, The Government Engineering College, The Government Medical College, Government Law College, Ayurveda College, Government Fine Arts College and other colleges giving regular graduate courses.  However, what makes Thrissur the hotbed for education is the various ‘entrance examination coaching centres’ where thousands of students take part in intensive preparation for the competitive exams into medical and engineering streams.

Here are some more reasons for investing in Thrissur:

Positive cash flow

With Thrissur being a flourishing commercial hub, there is always a growing need for homes for renting. This means that if you invest in real estate in Thrissur, you can rest assured of continuous cash flow as rent.


Keeping your money deposited in banks is only going to get you fixed standard amounts of profits. However, investing the same amount in real estate gets you many better-assured returns, especially if you happen to invest in happening cities like Thrissur where growth and expansion is the norm.


Also known as return on investment, any right-thinking investor would want to keep his money where he is assured of higher returns. Thrissur, with its steadily growing economy, will definitely give you higher ROI on a property in the years to come. And the longer you hold on, the higher the ROI.

Tax benefits

Investing in real estate helps you save on a number of taxes in the form of – interest paid on your property loan, building depreciation, property insurance, the fee of the insurance agent, maintenance and repair charges for your property, etc.

Long-term wealth

Investing in real estate in Thrissur makes a long-term wealth investment plan that will give you peace of mind as it’s a great asset that’s only multiplying in value with every passing year. Selling a property here is also easier as there is a non-stop demand for properties.

Pride of ownership

Instead of spending lakhs on renting over the years, it makes more space to own a property. And when it’s in a happening city like Thrissur, there is an added element of pride of ownership!

There is no dearth in the different types of properties available in Thrissur, come to have a close-up look and get hooked to this dynamic city!

Traditional Festivals of Thrissur

There is a reason why Thrissur is called the cultural capital of Kerala. It contributes to a unique blend of arts and cultural festivals to the city’s social life. The colourful festivals, especially the Thrissur Pooram, attract people from different regions for its magnificent display of decked-out elephants, traditional music and glorious fireworks display.

Thrissur is also known as the land of ‘Poorams’, where Pooram means festival. Some of the best traditional festivals of Thrissur that make the city stand out include:

Thrissur Pooram

This is the most spectacular festival of Thrissur that is celebrated in the April-May months and was first instituted by the erstwhile Maharaja of Cochin in the late 18nth century. It is often called the pooram of poorams, meaning festival of festivals and is celebrated in the Thekkinkadu maidan of the central Vadakkumnathan temple located within the Swaraj Round. This huge ground is ideal for playing host to the lakhs of people from all religions that throng Thrissur during the Thrissur Pooram. Accompanied with drums and numerous musical instruments, deities from various temples are displayed with reverence, while elaborately dressed-up elephants are paraded. The day-long festival concludes with the country’s most colourful fireworks display.

Kodungallur Bharani

This traditional festival falls in the months of March-April and lasts for eight days. This popular Bharani Utsavam is celebrated in the Kodungallur Bhagavathy temple and is celebrated by the devotees by symbolically wearing red-coloured costumes to please the Goddess ‘Kaavu Theendal’. It’s an amazing sight to see thousands of men and women singing and dancing in blood red apparels.


Even though this traditional festival is celebrated all over Kerala, Thrissur manages to add an additional dimension to the festival with the ‘Puli Kali’ art form which gives an extra tinge of music, colour and artistic creations. On the fourth day of Onam, a number of men are painted in minute details as lions and tigers and paraded down the streets. During the procession, they pretend to attack one another and hike up the excitement of the thousands of spectators lining the streets. The procession finally winds up at the Swaraj Round.


This auspicious day signifies the equinox and is celebrated as New Year in Kerala. It is also the auspicious time when farmers start to sow their new crop. They also offer their newly harvested crop to their deities before using it to prepare special rice dishes. New clothes are worn on this day and gifts are exchanged.
There are too many traditional festivals in Thrissur to mention here; for that, you will need to live in Thrissur to enjoy their magnificence!

Poomala Dam

The hustle-and-bustle of city life can begin to get weary after a while for most city dwellers. For those living in the beautiful culturally-rich city of Thrissur however, succour is at hand as located not too far away from the city is the Poomala dam. This scenic dam is located less than 15km away from the city amid verdant green forests on a popular hill station.

The best part of Poomala dam is that it isn’t too crowded and provides the perfect peaceful weekend getaway for those living in Thrissur or visiting Thrissur. From on top of the hill, you can catch breath-taking glimpses of Thrissur city spread out below, open to a bird’s eye view.

It was in 1939 that a dividing weir was built in the Poomala valley and in 1968, it was commissioned as the Poomala reservoir. The dam so created is comparatively small and is mainly used for irrigation purposes aside from tourism. It is located in Mulankunnathukavu Panchayat area under Thrissur district in Kerala.

The Poomala dam is among the oldest dams and is constructed of mud and stones. It is situated about 94.50 meters above mean sea level. In 2010, it was formally designated as a tourism centre and can be easily accessed, both by bus as well as private vehicles. Just about 7km out of Thrissur is Tirur town from where you turn towards the scenic Poomala hills. The name Poomala is believed to have been derived from the ‘Poovam’ tree; old-timers claim that the hill was inundated with the Poovam trees a long time ago.

With Kerala being home to numerous rivers, there is another dam located towards Poomala dam’s northern side known as the Pathazhakundu dam which is also primarily used for irrigation purposes only. Thrissur is known for its agriculture practices, especially rice cultivation, and irrigation is an important need for the farmers here.

The 600m long scenic walkway along the dam comes with safe hand-railing. It also offers boat rides along its peaceful blue waters with the sun glimmering off its dappled surface while the giant green surrounding vegetation stands guard along its sides like sentinels of old. The peaceful ambience of this locality is truly reviving for the soul, just like it’s a gentle cool breeze blowing away all your mundane problems for the day.

There is also a park, cafeteria as well as toilet facilities nearby along with a community hall that can seat about 300 people. And don’t miss out on the small waterfall nearby either. All in all, a great rejuvenating spot for residents of Thrissur to unwind in.