Contemporary Design Tips to craft your home office in 2021

New trends of modern architectures reinvented the definition of homes. All houses, condos, lofts, and apartment suites immediately changed from traditional spots of rest and unwinding to new, multi-layered living, working, and learning domains.

While a few mortgage holders had the advantage of getting away to a current devoted home-office space to finish their work, a few changed a room into a shoddy office or depended on working from comfort places of the kitchen.

At present, everything went upside down and so the working atmosphere. Everyone wants to spend the rest of their time on the house to resolve the pandemic issue of remote working. Homebuyers are seeking a space that functions as an office, classroom, and so on. Customary floor plans are prepared to address the difficulty and have the capability to oblige the configurations.

Building the ideal home office assists you with working more effectively – giving you the most obvious opportunity. By going through these tips, and setting up your home office smart and simple.

 Small and open space
Nowadays, everyone demands to be home with enough space for an office or school-room. Modern designers and architectures agree on the integration of features. Only a minimal and open space is required for add-on the office structures.

Stylish and suits budget
Improve the appearance of the office with contemporary construction which is reasonable and suits your spending plan. Giving it an expert yet comfortable look and feel by bring the color scheme of modern trends of 2021.

 Expert your innovation
Give your home office a tech update will have an immense effect. Nowadays office doesn’t mean a spot having not many PCs, printers, ACs and other same somewhat hardware. There are plenty of advanced and innovative home office devices accessible which can make you’re entrusting simple and more helpful.

Your workspace is unique and the structures varied upon the needs. We, builders at Thrissur & Trivandrum are concerned about your needs and build customized and dreaming office space for home buyers.

When you collaborate with Elite developers, we can assist you with making a home office or workstation that is both functional and smart. Our custom home plans are imminent and we will work with you consistently to guarantee that your home office is updated with all the trending designs and most recent plan and usefulness patterns. Stay updated with Elite developers to get the latest trends in building your home.

What Differentiates Conventional Apartments from Luxury Apartments?

There is no doubt about the fact that everyone would love to live in luxury apartments as compared to a conventional apartment. But when it comes to buying one, you need to be careful you don’t get taken for a ride as some unscrupulous builders out there can find it easy to sell you a conventional apartment for the price of a luxury apartment.

So how do you prevent yourself from goofing up? Here is a simple guideline on the salient differences between the two types of apartments:

Location and neighbourhood

Luxury apartments are usually found in upscale neighbourhoods that attract the refined members of society. Regular apartments, on the other hand, are located in newly-formed neighbourhoods. And the construction of these apartments is usually followed by the development of neighbouring infrastructure and facilities.

Investment value

Luxury apartments in upscale neighbourhoods are great assets that attract higher rentals as well as property values. Regular mid-segment apartments, on the other hand, offer steady pricing with consistent rental incomes. They are an affordable attractive option.

Cost value

Luxury apartments come with a price tag that runs into crores while regular, conventional apartments come in the range of 40-90 lakhs. The cost of both apartment types is dependent on their location and amenities.


Don’t let a builder fool you into thinking that a luxury apartment is anything less than 1800 sq ft or less than a 3 or 4 BHK – they also come with large kitchens with attached quarters for the maid, as well as defined party spaces. Conventional apartment areas range anything between 700-1200 sq ft.

Floor-to-ceiling height

In a luxury apartment, you will find large spaces with at least 12 feet floor-to-ceiling heights. Anything less and it will lose its luxury tag. Conventional homes come with a floor-to-ceiling height of 10 feet.


With luxury apartments, you are spoilt for choice with the range of amenities that could include roof-top pools, helipads, Juliet balconies, canopied walkways, etc. Top of the line fittings here keep you living life king-size. Conventional apartments on the other hand offer standard amenities which include swimming pools, gyms and power back-up.


Luxury apartments come with home automation and a multi-layered security system that ensure a stress-free life for its residents. Some builders even go to the extent of providing safe rooms and natural disaster bunkers for its residents. Conventional apartments offer basic security with 24×7 guards and electronic card access.

While the demand for both types of homes is growing, hopefully, this guide will help you better differentiate between the two types now!