Kitchen Layouts.

The kitchen is an important part of every home. A kitchen is created according to the space, budget, and many other requirements of the owner. In the blog just before, we have discussed briefly about modular kitchen and this blog is a continuation of that. Here, we are going to explain different layouts of the kitchen and going to give you a clear idea about which layout suits your home. Some of the layouts are

• Straight-line kitchen
• Gallery kitchen
• U shaped kitchen
• L shaded kitchen
• Peninsular Kitchen
• Island Kitchen

Straight-line kitchen
Straight-line kitchens mainly suit narrow spaces. This type of layout mainly provides a working area against one wall. The advantage of using this layout is cost-effective and appears sleek. Talking about its drawback, it doesn’t provide proper working space and storing space.

Gallery kitchen
Comparing with a straight line kitchen, the galley kitchen has a work platform on either side, this keeps the layout to do the task with fewer movements providing a better work efficiency but feels crowded due to narrow cabinet spaces.

U shaped kitchen
This layout is comfortable for an outsized space. This design is placed in between three walls resulting in a U-shaped design. When comparing to a gallery kitchen, u shaped kitchen gives you plenty of labour and storing space. The place won’t feel as crowded as it has enough space in between but the movements for completing a task will be more and tiring.

L Shaped Kitchen
We can see this type of layout mainly in contemporary kitchens in India. As per the name itself, this layout falls along two perpendicular walls. This shape gives you a lot of design flexibility, better task completion and performs a perfect kitchen triangle.

Peninsular Kitchen
Efficient for open kitchen designs and outsized space. One of the features of this layout is that it has an independent counter that can be used for having small foods. This layout forms a perfect separation between the kitchen and living room.

Island Kitchen
This layout needs a huge amount of space because there is a counter in the center of the layout which suits families that spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The counter placed in the centre of the layout can be used for dining and also for chopping vegetables etc.

Even though every sector is growing faster in terms of designs, constructions, etc up to an extent basic layouts keep the same such as the kitchen layouts just explained above. We have to be always updated with our surroundings, in the field of construction and development Elite Developers can give you updated information. Elite developers is one of the top developers in Kerala with years of experience and successfully completed projects including villas, apartments, etc.

Modular Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important part of any home. We can say that kitchen is the heart of a home. In this blog, we are going to discuss about the modular kitchen. When we are creating a kitchen it should be comfortable, easily accessible, spacious to handle. It is a combination of wall units and base units. Modular kitchen has got wide attention in a short period of time because of its attractive advantages. Some of them are the following, its Cleary hygienic, better space management properties, cost-effective, easy repairing, and updating.

Now let’s go through some points if you have decided to do a modular kitchen in your dream home. Every modular kitchen design and creation varies with the requirements of the owner. The different factors & steps while building up a modular kitchen are listed below
• Assess all your needs
• Budget
• Kitchen Layout and Design
• Storage requirements
• Planning of associated works

Assess All Your Needs
First, you need to look through your present kitchen, then start making a list of the things you used there, avoid the things you haven’t used even though it was available. Also, take time to include your newly requirements. For example, you may not be using a storage space below and it’s quite very few you access that place. You always prefer to keep things somewhere else like above space, etc. Then of course we can utilize that space for something else, make it more comfortable for you, or can avoid designing that area thus you can save your money and effort

Budget, One of the things playing the main role here. Everything depends on it up to a limit. Even starting from qualities of the material, designs, etc. But the good thing is in a modular kitchen up to a limit, many of the requirements of the clients are satisfied with in their budget. When you are thinking about the budget, you have to understand the items that affect the cost of kitchen
• Size of kitchen
• Material that is used to make the kitchen
• Accessories
• Type of Finish
• Appliances
As the budget goes up your availability and quality in each item mentioned above will increase.

Kitchen Layout and Design
Once you have these steps sorted, believe the workflow. Usually, a kitchen involves cooking, stocking, washing, and an area to remain prepared food. But much depends on the space you’ve. As per your requirements and space availability the kitchen layout can be designed. There are different types of the kitchen such as the straight, gallery, u shaped kitchen, etc. We will be writing a detailed blog based on different types of kitchen layouts and designs later.

Storage Requirements
This is about what proportion of storage there’s needed and it must be planned to depend upon the usage of the kitchen and who is utilizing the kitchen. For example, if you reside during a joint family with elderly people and kids, then you need to plan your storage at lower levels apart from the top level. At the same time, the fragile items must be planned within the upper unit. Also, consider once we completed the planning of the storage it must include all the items that we using within the kitchen. Every item must have a neighbourhood in your cabinet, otherwise, it’ll affect the aesthetics of the modular kitchen. With the storage planning, we’ve to select the type of drawer baskets and pull-outs used in each storage also so it’ll be simpler.

Planning of Associated Works
This includes the planning of the related works like plumbing, wiring, lighting, fire, and suitable ventilation works. If you’re planning to include a kitchen island containing a sink or other appliances in your design, you need to ensure that plumbing and electricity supplies are in place before flooring is laid.

Simple ways to reduce your home temperature naturally.

Be it a home or apartment or any place, one thing that issues the most is how to reduce the temperature inside the building without utilizing additional cooling frameworks. Natural home temperature decrease procedures can diminish your expense of cooling your space and also gives you a natural feel. Here in this blog, we are discussing some simple methods that can reduce the temperature in your apartments, homes, or any living space.

Understanding the ideal structure direction
Significance ought to be given to the sun’s and wind’s direction to decrease the home temperature and increment the wind stream. The biggest element of the house can be situated towards north and south with the most extreme windows on those sides. It’s better to give a greater number of windows in the south than east or west. Subsequently, you increment the wind stream and chill off the structure.

There should be proper ventilation in every room that ensures a balanced airflow thus temperature inside gets reduced. The other quality of providing ventilation is that it is one of the cheapest and easiest method of cooling your space without any further Maintenance or considerations. It’s also better to have ventilation as per the direction of the wind flow

We all know that roof plays a greater role in the quantity of heat produced in space. As heat hits the other surface of the roof, gradually heat starts producing inside resulting in a higher temperature. So keeping the roof in a shade is always a major thing matter. There are several methods to cool the roof layer. You can apply a reflective coating or paint such that it acts as a layer that doesn’t allow heat to absorb by the roof. The next option is gardening, a simple technique for cooling because the shade of plants and their cooling effect both acts positively for roofs. The next option is building up a sheet roof above our home roof, it’s expensive but a long-lasting method. These are some of the ideas you can get a lot of ideas all through the Internet.

Suitable construction materials
Proper construction materials should be used for building. One of the main qualities of these materials should be their good thermal insulation property. Greater thermal insulation means better cooling inner, low heat transmission, etc.

Go green
Use the natural ways of cooling, yeah plant and trees. They can make a clear cooling effect and beautiful landscaping for your home. Better to plant them over the east and west sides.
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Unique Experiences that People Living in Villas Can only Have

What could be the final wish of people living in big cities? Surely space. The luxury of space is the ultimate that you can feel in only luxury villas.


It’s always adjust when it comes to living in a big city. You are always providing more in less and sometimes avoiding things due to shortage of space. You have also put off asking your dear friend or relative due to a lack of space.

However, here in the villa, you have a ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and a terrace. You have a great space to wander around and welcome your relatives or friends.


Children are just around the corner; hence you begin a habit of speaking in low or not talking at all. You are sometimes not able to manage your anger and your fight loses out of the room in front of your children and relative etc. You feel so ashamed! However, you cannot live in a state of turmoil and it just breaks.

It happens with all of us. Living in a villa provides you enough privacy to handle your lives. The children can also experience the freedom to play in their house.

Space for everything:

You have always needed separate rooms for your kids; a small office for yourself and a playroom and what not… You picked it right. You can have a separate room for all. You can play indoor games with your children. Play with your favourite dog on the lawn. Staying in a villa provides you the luxury to have it all.

The stairs

Stairs have their magic and make a special impact on your interior. You have long ignored the stairs… sitting on its steps, enjoying some great time around. Stairs had almost been neglected or we can say is wiped out in the modern design. However, you can enjoy the stairs and trim around it to bring in the magic into your interior.

Can keep pets

Not that you have not been capable to keep pets earlier, but you had no separate area for them. Now you can make a small kennel for your pet dog or a bird tree cage for your pet birds.

Enjoy gardening

You have always liked gardening but had to be content with potted plants. Now you can explore your gardening and go for kitchen gardening, terrace/lawn gardening, and improve whatever you like.